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Birthplace Hartsville, South Carolina

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Charles' acting, singing and music debut can be traced back to his childhood in 1952 at Fannie L. Bourbar Elementary School and Pennsytvannia AME Zion Church in Baltimore, Maryland. His class under the direction of Mr. Arnett Brown (teacher) had the class present the life and history of John Henry the Steel Driving Man in the puppet show. The class spent several weeks preparing for this stage show. Charles played the part of the preacher man. The Review was a smashing say the least". Charles continued to act in school plays and blew his trumpet in the school marching band and orchestra in Booker T. Washington Junior High School and Baltimore City College. The famous saxophonist Gary Baits rose from these ranks. Charles had a little trio that played out of the Music Union Hall on Howard Street in B-More
Charles grew up in the neighborhood of "Upton" Harlem and Fremont Aves., 829 Harlem Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother and father were his guiding light. Charles's father, Alexander Swan worked at Bethlehem Steel Corporation for thirty years and never missed a sick day. His dad was born in Dillwyn, VA His mother Anna Swan was a housewife. Charles' brother Ronald "Dancer" served in the United States Army as a Green Beret. "Dancer" was awarded the silver and bronze stars for his heroism and was called the "snake" in Vietnam. Henry the 67 baby brother was a basketball superstar at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus along with his teammate "pistol". He went on to play with the the world famous Harlem Globetrotters and is now living in Townsville, Australia.

The Reverend Andrew Scott stated that Charles got along very well
with others, even as a very young child. He was always willing to make himself available to help others. He was brought up in a Christian home and was raised in Pennsylvania AME Zion Church. He participated in all the Church's activities including those in the community. Reverend Andrew Scott stated that it has been a pleasure to have known this young man. Charles from infancy was an obedient and agreeable baby. We felt that he was a God fearing man and would be an asset to the field of medicine.

His God Mother, Mrs. Washington thoughtthat he may become President He entered Booker T. Washington Jr. High School studying music and foreign languages-by the time he finished college, he had completed Spanish, French and German. Baltimore City gave Charles superb training and education. People that he met in the world from Hong Kong to Argentina would always ask him from whence he came? He would always say proudly "Bal more". Charles was a boy scout in troop #278 at Providence Baptist Church at 6 years of age. Later in his life, little did they know that he would become Commissioner at the World Famous Boy Scout Headquarters Circle Ten in Dallas; led by Bunker Hunt and Rusk Perrot, Chairman's of the Board Some of the prominent and notable Marylanders from "Upton" where Charles grew up were Dr. William Boddie, General Timothy Boddie, George Russell, City Solicitor. Bishop Harrison Bryant and Dr. Harry Cohen, Pharmacist. Charles played in the Baltimore City College marching Band and Orchestra producing the renowned saxophonist, Gary Baits. He concluded his military training at Amarillo, Lack land, Westover, Strategic Air Command and the United States Special Field Forces with the rank of Major General. Queen Elizabeth, invited him to England for the Famous British Air Museum Ceremonies.

Dr. Swan is honored at the Black American West Museum in Denver, Colorado as one of it's first Chairman of the Board and is profiled in Colorado Black leadership profiles. Who's Who among Colorado's outstanding leaders, by Wallace Yvonne Toilette Published in 2001, Western Images He served as Presidential Policy Advisor to Presidents Reagan and Bush and serve a tour with the United States Department of Health and Human Services He chaired his own private practice, Swan and Associates beginning in the Pocono and branched worldwide, worked as a Executive Director for a Corporation of Neighborhood Services and a Personnel Director of the Hotel Corporation of America. Charles medical interest began with the Medical College Entrance Examination at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Upon completion of the examine, the Med MAR sends applications to several Medical Schools. Charles was accepted at the University of New York Medical School (Downtown) and the University of California Medical School(lrvine).

After attending Morgan State University and Ohio Christian College, B.S., M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology, he chose Texas as a Post Doctorate student. As a Clinical Assistant, at Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center, he was awarded the Silver Key Award by the National Association of Mental Health As a Post Doc, he studied psychoneuroimmunology, Behavior Medicine, Biomedical Science and Neuroscience at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Charles was nominated into Who's Who in Science * Medicine and the World * The World Health Organization * Behavorial Medicine * Psychoneuroimmunology * Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center * The New York Academy of Science * American Association of World Health * National Library of Medicine * Human Genome Sequencing Management Center * North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Scientific and Environmental Programmes) * Center for Disease Control * American Association for the Advancement of Science * American Physics Society * Stanford University Electronic Library * Cornell University Law Library * The United States Supreme Court Historical Society * American Library Association, American Medical Association He has been listed as a United States Historical Persona . The Award Winning called him a Historical Black Figure with Fredrick Douglass, Madame C.J.Walker, Martin Luther King, Dr. Mae C. Jemison and other celebrities/ icons. Charles is featured in Starpages, Famous and Celebrity Portal.

Sir Charles was Knighted in June, 2000

Charles quest for life, takes him back to his roots of entertainment by approaching
Hollwood from the back door by prducing and directing "Trapped inside the Beltway"
with the Sundance Film Festival.



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1981 LeToya Luckett (former singer - destinys child)
1952 Douglas Adams (author)
1950 Bobby McFerrin (pianist, jazz musician, songwriter, singer)
1942 Charles W. Swan (actor, director, doctor)
1935 Nancy Kovack (actress)
1934 Sam Donaldson (newsman)
1932 Leroy Jenkins (jazz musician)
1931 Rupert Murdoch (Media mogul)
1931 Valerie French (Harrison) (actress)
1919 Mercer Ellington (bandleader)
1903 Lawrence Welk (bandleader) Birthdate March 11, 1942


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